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a year ago

The Rising Wave

Table Tales 3

The Rising Wave

Written by: Marie Brennan

Adapted by: Robert Croy

The Rising Wave

Follow Mirumoto Masashige as he travels to see the Dragon Clan Champion, Togashi Yokuni. With many problems befalling the Dragon, such as a failing birthrate and the rise of the heretical Perfect Land Sect, Masashige seeks much needed advice from the most powerful man in the Dragon. But all he gets is riddles.

Narrator Robert Croy

Mirimoto Masahige Brian Corbin

Child Marie Brennan

Mirumoto Hitomi Cassandra Farrugia

SanjirĊ Carmel Rechnitzer

Yuki Marie Brennan

Togashi Mitsu Erik Dean

Togashi Yokuni Greg

Much thanks to Marie Brennan who not only wrote the story, but was also kind enough to voice a couple of her characters. It was extremely exciting for all of us at The Table to work directly with the author. We hope you would like to lend your voice in the future!

Sounds under: CC0

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Bayushi Croy: Robert Croy Yasuki Hachi: Greg Kitsuki Chen: Alan Hateru Eun: Ben

Music produced by Jeffrey "J2" Matthews

Cover art produced by SimplicityLost

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