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a year ago

Episode 1 - We can Swim

Introductions and Speculations

Welcome to the first episode of The Table is Yours. A Legend of the Five Rings podcast starring a group of friends who are very, very excited for the FFG LCG. Feel free to give any and all feedback to us at It is also possible to contact Robert directly on the L5R discord he is known as Bayushi Croy. We thank you for your patience and kindness as we make this the best podcast it can be!

Shoutouts to these kind folks for previewing Episode 1 so it wasn't a trashfire and giving us advice on how to start and to proceed

SakeHouseBrawl: Follow podcast here

Spoonfunk: Follow podcast here

TannerC: L5R Actual Play of 4thed

Cielago: For reviving /r/l5r

Humanoids: Previewing and being hype about ep 1

All of which can be found on the L5R Discord Server here

List of articles referenced in the episode.

First FFG Article 4/19/2017

Second FFG Article 4/26/2017

Third FFG Article 5/3/2017

Reddit AMA

Contents Leak and Breakdown

Team Covenant (not sponsored)

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