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a year ago

The Price of War

Table Tales 2

The Lion attack Toshi Ranbo, trying to take it back from the Crane who have claimed it as a distraction from the fight in the Osari Plains. What should have been a simple recapture, however, goes awry, and everyone who walks away from this battle has their life changed forever.

Introduction - Ben Naveux Narrator - Robert Croy Matsu Tsuko - April Cook Kitsu Motso - Ben Naveux Akodo Arasou - Malakai Mathis Akodo Toturi - Carmel Rechnitzer Matsu Agetoki - Brian Corbin Doji Hotaru - Rena Cross

Fireplace: inchadney

War Drums: limetoe

Table Slam: KenRT

Tent Flap: KevinKace

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Bayushi Croy: Robert Croy Yasuki Hachi: Greg Kitsuki Chen: Alan Hateru Eun: Ben

Music produced by Jeffrey "J2" Matthews

Cover art produced by SimplicityLost

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