Her Father's Daughter

Table Tales 1

Welcome to the first episode of the unofficial fan readings of official Legend of the Five Rings fiction. The cast and friends of The Table is Yours, years ago, wanted to do readings of the old fiction but the backlog was tremendous and daunting. Thus we decided that with the new fiction, this was an excellent time start our project.

Starting with the Crane Clan, we follow their champion, Doji Hotaru, make her way to Otosan Uchi to meet her sister Shizue and meet up with her secret lover Bayushi Kachiko, Scorpion and Imperial Advisor.

Her Father's Daughter

Prologue Narrator: Ben Naveux
Narrator: Robert Croy
Daidoji Nerishma: Ben Naveux
Ronin: Carmel Rechnitzer
Doji Hotaru: Rena Cross
Shizue: Abby Normal
Doji Satsume: Ben Naveux
Bayushi Kachiko: Cassie

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Bayushi Croy: Robert Croy
Yasuki Hachi: Greg
Kitsuki Chen: Alan
Hateru Eun: Ben

Music produced by Jeffrey "J2" Matthews

Cover art produced by SimplicityLost

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