Readings of the L5R Fiction
Episode 19 - Don't Be Ben

Discussion and tips for building and maintaining a playgroup and community.

Episode 18 - OneCore no Oni

Gencon results and story choice discussion

Episode 17 - Blood Stained Silk Screen

Scorpion Story and Card Discussion

Episode 16 - Googly Eyes All the Way Down

Unicorn Card Discussion

Episode 15 - Home Invasions and Lost Manners

Discussion about the Unicorn Clan story

Episode 14 - Yo, Hatamoto Yojimbo, Broh

Discussion about FFG Organized play articles

Episode 13 - $15 and a Potato

Phoenix Clan Card Spoiler Discussion

Episode 12 - Impromptu Scorpion Episode ("it was a mistake")

Phoenix Discussion of the story as well as old and new lore.